The Cottage

Dear gastronomes,

I write to you from Robert’s farm again where I have been bestowed a beautiful cottage to use at my leisure. My quest for the farm life, at least part–time is slowly being realised. The cottage was originally built in the 19th century and was added to this last decade. The stone used is what has gathered from around the river at the bottom of the gully and very much fits in with the landscape of this beautiful, rugged corner of Australia. Many gum trees and willows spot the land and beyond when ones looks into the horizon one sees the rows and rows of Robert’s olive trees now groaning with fruit ready for harvesting. Miss Moo and I did some ‘plucking’ yesterday afternoon before the last of the days rays disappeared. The skirt of the tree must be hand picked as the machine that’s used doesn’t get this low. There is something very satisfying about reaping the fruits of the sunshine, olives you see are the pure manifestation of pure sunshine.

I have been here since Sunday early evening and cannot drag myself away hence the very, very late correspondence. The list is attached for your perusal. I know the fresh meat offering has been a little thin of late. I am in discussions with a few people who can supply me interesting, ethical meat soon. I have a fellow who has contacted me recently with goats and rabbits. Hands up those who love these 2 very much under appreciated meats. I heard once that goat was the most eaten meat globally and pork came in at second. One thinks of those beautiful Indian curries that might encompass the lion’s share of the 1st prize.