Sydney summer

Good morning gastronomes,

This weather is amazing! Makes me think about what I can cook outside on my little webber barbie and who to invite.

Late last night, after visiting mamma, I took the boobs off the Murringo bird, sliced through the length to create instant scallopini for my version of schnitzel. Rolled them in a thin veil of flour before plunging them into a coating of 2 of Mary’s beaten eggs, some finely grated parmigiano and chopped parsley. Before placing them into my shallow pan of extra virgin I crisped up some pancetta for a rocket and garlic shoot salad – the mustard vinaigrette was enough to cut through the rich egg coating as well as anointing the leaves.

This week I have added one of my favourite cheeses, Roy des Vallees. Although I would like to choose Australian cheeses, the goat’s are not producing milk at the moment as they prepare for spring farrowing, the bambini are on their way and the mamma is saving the milk for them. The French cheeses really do deliver a length of flavour that some of the Australian numbers just don’t achieve.

This week, I have ordered some lambs from the Murringo mob – fabulous, full lamb flavour, perfect for that bbq I mentioned. I like to take the boned leg and undo the butcher’s string so I have what looks like a huge steak. I slash the meat with my sharpest boning knife and add a marinade of chopped parsley, fresh and dried red chilli (dried for earthy back palate heat and fresh for front and fresh heat), lemon zest and some garlic cloves smashed in their skins. BBQ on a medium/high heat and treat like a steak – maybe 12 minutes each side. Rest for another 12 then slice and serve with young radicchio leaves (Treviso), fresh tomato, torn basil leaves and our old friend balsamico (insert marinated feta here).

Tonight I’m roasting the legs and thighs of the breastless chook on the bone. Instant chicken marinade = red wine, paprika, extra virgin and the smashed garlic. Leg in one hand, cold Peroni Nastro Azzurri in the other. Bring on Sydney summer!


Melinda Dimitriades