Oh my god, I’m so late this week. I have a very good excuse. I went off to Robert’s farm again to make my cottage he has offered me my own. What can I say, much cooking, drinking, talking, cleaning, fire building, cleaning, bathing, reading, cleaning, chilling.

It works like this. I head off on the 2nd Saturday of every month to the Bowral Farmers Market. After selling out 3 hours early, I waited for my companion before heading off to Peelwood. The trip there was swift, half the trip was done at 5.30am when I set off from Sydney. Here’s when the rabbits were dealt with.

I made the most beautiful ragu with fresh made, duck egg pappardelle. I removed the legs and shoulders and saved the fillets for another meal. They bathed in red wine, fresh thyme and smashed garlic, fresh from Robert’s home garden. I prepared a sofrito of celery and Spanish onion, sweated this gently in extra virgin from the farm before adding more of Robert’s garlic and fresh, chopped tomatoes for more layering of flavour. The joints were then added to the pan before being drowned again in the red wine from the marinade.

In the meantime I had roasted the carcass bones with celery and onion, fresh thyme, red wine and water. This reduced to the most beautiful, richly flavoured stock. This was to create the sauce for the ragu. I sat in front of the fireplace and tore the braised meat off it’s bone and then shredded it as an insurance policy against any fine bones that may have escaped my eagle eye and for that stringy meaty texture.

This week, because of the lateness I have used last week list. The fish and vegetables have been received very well. The prices are as you would pay at the shops. If you want particular seafood not listed let me know and I will purchase for you.

I am also in the process of sourcing new lamb and beef supply, stay tuned.