Wild caught, sustainable Australian seafood. Name the boat that catches your fish. Snap frozen at the source. The freshest fish. Zero waste.

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Wild Caught Seafood

Wild South Seafood sustainably harvested, snap frozen Australian seafood from the Southern Ocean.
whiting in cooler

Cape Catastrophe King George Whiting – Line Caught, 280gm
Product code: FIWSS01

Southern Ocean Deep Sea Flathead – Deep Sea Trawl, 280gm
Product code: FIWSS02

Neptune Island Nannygai Red Snapper – Line Or Trawl Caught, 280gm
Product code: FIWSS03

Spencer Gulf King Prawns – Seine Nets, 400gm
Product code: FIWSS04

Boston Bay Baby Calamari – Seine Nets, 280gm
Product code: FIWSS05


CHOP SHOP Carnivorium fish sourced from Mountain Fresh Trout and Salmon Farm, Harrietville. Murray River Smokehouse trout is farmed in earthen ponds using water from the Goulburn River. 

Murray River Smokehouse Smoked Rainbow Trout Fillet 120gm
Product code: SMRT500

Murray River Smokehouse Smoked Rainbow Trout Whole 350gm
Product code: SMRT501

Murray River Smokehouse Gravlax Piece 150gm
Product code: SMSS500

Murray River Smokehouse Hot Smoked Salmon Piece 120gm
Product code: SMSS501