Cheese masterclass at Jamie’s Kitchen – Darlinghurst

Join Melinda for this special cheese master class on sunday 18th Feb 2024, 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm.

Cheese is fast becoming the talking point in culinary circles, with an enormous variety readily available and new emerging Artisan selections hitting the shelves.

The session will focus on culinary terms relating to different cheeses used in the industry, as well as the characteristics and classification of cheeses. We will look at the manufacturing methods, place of origin and the history and cultural aspects of a variety of cheeses. 

As we know cheese has a vast culinary appeal and can be added to many menu items or a stand-alone on a menu to showcase its wonderful individual flavors.

To best understand this unique diverse product, we will sample a selection of cheeses made from various types of milk, including cheeses that are becoming more popular in the everchanging consumer pallet.

The best way to get to know and understand a product is to try it, with this in mind, we will sample several of these fantastic products throughout the session and discuss their characteristics and menu usage. Each of the cheeses sampled will be accompanied by garnishes that best match the cheese.

Welcome Grazing plates shared on the tables, and a selection of wine and non-alcoholic drinks included throughout the evening.