Charcutier, Melinda Dimitriades

As featured in Mind Food Magazine, 2020 A passion for regional artisanal cheese and charcuterie led to a successful brand with ambitious expansion plans. At 17, Melinda Dimitriades’ plan to become a barrister was thrown a curve ball. “I definitely always had an interest in food. My mother was a beautiful cook and my brothers […]

Sydney summer

Good morning gastronomes, This weather is amazing! Makes me think about what I can cook outside on my little webber barbie and who to invite. Late last night, after visiting mamma, I took the boobs off the Murringo bird, sliced through the length to create instant scallopini for my version of schnitzel. Rolled them in […]

The Cottage

Dear gastronomes, I write to you from Robert’s farm again where I have been bestowed a beautiful cottage to use at my leisure. My quest for the farm life, at least part–time is slowly being realised. The cottage was originally built in the 19th century and was added to this last decade. The stone used […]

Easter celebrations

Hello bilbies, Easter is upon us and we have the good fortune of the Julian and Roman calendars colliding this year. As a teenager (and after I figured out the reason), I would have to explain to my Catholic and Anglican friends why we had a different date to theirs for Easter. The analogy I […]


Oh my god, I’m so late this week. I have a very good excuse. I went off to Robert’s farm again to make my cottage he has offered me my own. What can I say, much cooking, drinking, talking, cleaning, fire building, cleaning, bathing, reading, cleaning, chilling. It works like this. I head off on […]

Flavours from Chile

Guten Morgen Geglitten, That’s good morning gluttons in the German language. There I was at RPA hospital on and post Mardi Gras parade night (I know how it sounds, I was caring for someone else) watching the German news on SBS. The network, which as a migrant’s child I have watched or heard in the […]