Speciality boutique providore in Sydney

Omnivorium Specialty Providores is a boutique business based in Sydney specialising in carefully selected, farmhouse and artisanal produce from around Australia. We distribute to all sectors of the food industry and provide excellent service with a powerhouse of product knowledge to give you the edge in your business.

Our Products

Small-batch, small farm and artisanal products from around the country. 


Dear Melinda, Just wanted to advise that both the cuts of the pork I purchased from you at Bowral Market last weekend proved to be excellent, so thank you, and particularly thank you for your advice re cooking, all worked wonderfully.  Great acclaim from all my various guests, and tremendous flavour Melinda.  Thanks heaps!
Leonie Furber
Former Head of Slow Food Sydney Convivia
Hi Melinda, At a dinner a couple of days ago with an old friend (a District Court Judge) and his wife (Loris). Loris was waxing lyrical about what a wonderful business you have and the number of people she has recommended your shop to. This was before I told her that I knew something about it. So good for you and keep up the good work….
Mark Turner
Consultant, W.G. McNally Jones Staff Lawyers